Jean Perry Restwell 2pcs Pillow Protector [Lavender Scent]

Jean Perry Restwell 2pcs Pillow Protector [Lavender Scent]


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Size : 48 cm x 74cm


**Please allow between 1cm-3cm slight dimension differences due to different manual measurement**

– Frequently air product before and after use
– Do not Dry Clean
– Do not Iron
– Do not Bleach
– Do not Tumble Dry



Jean Perry Restwell 2pcs Pillow Protector
[Lavender Scent]


Why use pillow protector?

Unprotected pillow will be prone to yellowing and odors caused by natural perspiration and oils. A will significantly extend their lifespan while protecting against dust mites. Remember, you basically never wash your mattress or, that’s why you need to keep them clean.


Features & Benefits:
~ Quality Sleep – Helping you fall asleep faster and wake refresh after you sleep

~ Relaxes Sleep – Help yourself to a calm & relaxed sleep

~ Lavender Scent – Micro capsules bubbles burst to release lavender scent

~ Scientifically Proven – Scientifically Proven technology for sleep, improve your sleep quality


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